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Are you tired of paying for training and then your staff continues to do things the old way?

We believe organizational development professionals can only provide meaningful learning programs by first gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization’s history and specific needs.


ImpactDS Consulting listens to you to identify your organization’s strengths and areas for development based upon a thorough needs assessment.


We explore the habits you would like to transform in your staff and the behaviors you want to see on the job that will impact your bottom line. Discussions and staff surveys will inform how we set up a program unique to your needs.

We will then work with you to establish internal processes that will continue to reinforce the desired behaviors on the job.

Some of the assessments we offer as part of your customized development include Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Wiley’s Leadership Practices Inventory®, Birkman & others.


ImpactDS Consulting believes it is possible to create a well-run organization where employees understand the complexities of organizational life. Through our 20+ specialized workshops, we provide the support, expertise, and analytical skills to help your staff be productive contributors within your defined boundaries.

Our work is successful through the framework of thriving relationships, which involves working with your organization to ensure continued monitoring, discussion, and implementation of new ideas.


Contact Anne or Myra today to arrange for a personalized discussion of
your organizational challenges. You will quickly discover how our
thoughtful approach to creating your customized solution
will fit your schedule and provide the impact you need. 

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Office Meeting

Coaching – Individual or Group

Crucial Skills for Emerging Leaders

Delegating Efficiently

Embracing Change

Employment Laws for Supervisors

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® – Individuals

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths – Teams

Harassment Avoidance

Influencing Others

Joy of Conflict

Leader vs. Manager

Leadership with Heart

Managing Staff Performance

Managing Risk

Strategic Issue Management

Talent Assessments

Time Management

Tremendous Teams

And more ...

You also may be interested in our exclusive Elder Care Certificate program to set you apart from your competition by providing excellent customer care to older adults. 


And there has never been a more important time for focused, results-driven solutions customized for your specific needs. You need your leadership and staff to quickly …

  • Adapt to change  

  • Lead from all levels  

  • Strengthen teamwork  

  • Solve problems creatively 

  • Discover hidden strengths  

  • Understand individual and team talents

  • Bolster employee engagement

See some examples of our workshop topics that we could recommend to enhance the skills of your workforce. To suit your particular needs, we start with the basic content in these topics and customize from there.

Contact Anne or Myra today to arrange for a personalized discussion of how we will customize your leadership and staff solutions.
Please email or
fill out the Contact Us form below. 
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